[Buddha-l] Ethical Dilemmas

Dan Lusthaus vasubandhu at earthlink.net
Sun Jun 13 09:10:37 MDT 2010

> True, only 41 of the 50 states have the death penalty. And only 41 of
> those 41 states have used it in the past 25 years. And the US federal
> government has the death penalty. Other than that, the USA has
> eliminated the practice.

Richard the polemicist (a trait he abhors in Dharmakirti) knows that the 
situation is more complicated than that. We could go state by state 
(starting with Illinois) to flesh that out, or explain why Charles Manson, 
though sentenced to the death penalty in California for the famous 
Tate-LaBlanca murders is still alive in a California prison and has come up 
for parole review several times.

But I tend to forget, around here polemics seem to trump attention to facts 
every time.


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