[Buddha-l] Ethical Dilemmas

Dan Lusthaus vasubandhu at earthlink.net
Sun Jun 13 14:54:06 MDT 2010


Do you know what Al Quds day is? It is a national holiday. You have national 
holidays in Holland.

This one is little different.

This is genocide dressed up as a religious holiday:

This is how it's soft-pedaled to the left-leaning well-intentioned

and this

This is how it takes righteous form. Don't skip the comments (or overlook 
the url's location):

That the political nature of Quds Day is not lost on the Iranians

And this (again, don't miss the comments)

and this

Is there a way to call it what it is without sounding like an extremist?

That's the irony -- the bloodthirsty masquerade as the righteous, and those 
who recognize them for what they are eschewed as illiberal.

Yes, Erik, let's demonize those who point out that things like this exist in 
our world, and let's pretend that if we spank Wilders hard enough this will 
all go away like a bad dream.

Like Holland, Israel has no such holiday. (And for the conflators, while it 
is not uncommon for nations to have national holidays commemorating PAST 
wars, or memorials for the fallen, how many countries have holidays 
celebrating a war that has not happened yet? Certainly no Buddhist holiday I 
am familiar with. Oh, I forgot... Kalacakra...)


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