[Buddha-l] Ethical Dilemmas and Death Penalties andmaliciouszombies for governor.

Stefan Detrez stefan.detrez at gmail.com
Tue Jun 15 00:56:16 MDT 2010

People are opposed to the death penalty for a range of reasons, yet those
very same people plead for euthanasia and other forms of life ending
measures. I don't see why they are so categorically opposed to the death
penalty but are prepared to offer sophisticated defenses based on the 'right
to choose', 'a person owns his body' and 'the avoidance of pain' etc. I
wrote a letter to Amnesty International with the question what they think of
a 'voluntary death penalty' - meaning you either do the life sentence or
voluntarily opt for the death penaly - and they replied they have no
position on this issue. A voluntary death penalty respects both a person's
rights and a government's right to punish a criminal. So, what's the deal?

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