[Buddha-l] the 4 ages: age of alone

Erik Hoogcarspel jehms at xs4all.nl
Mon Jun 21 01:43:22 MDT 2010

Op 21-06-10 03:12, JKirkpatrick schreef:
> The 'home' part is more poetic than literal, could suggest
> places, people, events, things even--but the 'algia' aspect is
> not poetic at all. It's the pain of loss, distance, the passed
> years-----one can go deep into its abyss, but best if one does
> not, eh?
I would describe it as an emotional indulgence in the revelation of 
absence the of the how-it-used-to-be-ness. Nostalgia is not just about 
anything you remember. It is about symbolic memories, memories that 
indicate a lost paradise, a time that happiness was just normal. That´s 
why you like to indulge. It has also a kind of utopian aspect, almost if 
believing in it would make it happen. I think it is a strong hidden 
religious force.


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