[Buddha-l] Some hae meat and canna eat

Erik Hoogcarspel jehms at xs4all.nl
Thu Jun 24 09:02:48 MDT 2010

Op 23-06-10 23:54, Richard P. Hayes schreef:
>   When I became convinced that veganism was the only morally
> defensible diet for an environmentalist, I entered into a year of living
> fanatically. I found myself welling up with disgust when I saw people
> put a teaspoon of milk into their afternoon tea.
I remember from my macrobiotic days that eating a tomato was almost 
suicide and the excitement when the buzz went that you could ´yangicise´ 
tomatoes. I remember that when I had diverted from my Osawa adoration I 
cooked some aduki beans and wakame and how the very taste brought back 
vivid memories of my old convictions. The definite sign of liberation 
for a Jew or a Muslim is the taste of bacon. Man ist was man iszt. You 
are what you eat.


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