[Buddha-l] Some hae meat and canna eat

Erik Hoogcarspel jehms at xs4all.nl
Thu Jun 24 15:00:10 MDT 2010

Op 24-06-10 19:04, Richard Hayes schreef:
> Did you ever read an article called "Brown rice, brown shirt"? The thesis of that article was that the macrobiotic diet was built upon a foundation of regarding all ethnic cooking as unhealthy and somehow anti-human. It went on to declare that "anti-ethnic" was actually code talk for anti-Jewish. The macrobiotic diet, it concluded, was devised by pro-Nazi Japanese fanatics bent on destroying Jews (and maybe some Koreans as a bonus) by depriving them of blintzes and lox and bagels. Let them eat bupkis.
I didn´t, but I remember I was quite embarrassed when I saw at the end 
of a macrobiotic retreat the Japanese master march on the tunes of a 
military orchestra lighting a cigarette. Later I was told that on his 
level he could effort to do these things.
> Did you wear your swastika armband as you cooked the azuki beans? It's 
> said to enhance the flavor. I always liked to line wakame beans up on 
> a chopstick and pretend they were goose-stepping into my mouth.
No but after I was told that Japanese noodles were very healthy and 
Chinese or Italian ones very yin, I suspected some hidden links with the 
Japanese food industry.
> But seriously, folks, if you really want to meat (er, meet) some wild 
> and crazy dietary totalitarians, cozy up to some raw food aficionados. 
> Cooked food, they love to say, is poison. If someone eats too much 
> cooked food, they say, she completely loses her ability to assess 
> evidence impartially and begins believing that Americans actually 
> landed someone on the moon and that Jews were killed in concentration 
> camps. Raw-food veganism sounds pretty much like the Middle Path to me.
Agreed, but only if you don´t chew, because chewing means you divert to 
the left or right.


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