[Buddha-l] The magic of vegetarianism

David Living aryacitta at hotmail.com
Fri Jun 25 15:18:02 MDT 2010

On the topic of strange facts about vegetarianism. I was told by a lady who made a living of sorts out of treating infertile women that the surest way to fertility was not vastly expensive courses of medical drugs or even viagra (for men that last bit) but simply a few months of fresh fruit and vegetables. She cited experiments in the US that backed her ideas up. She swore by it. 

But don't buy your groceries from Supermarkets because they will do anything to their foods like radiate it, spray it with deadly pesticides, wrap it in deadly plastics that make you lose your sexual identity and so on... but just shop in the corner shop, the little fruit and veg shop that is near you but being put out of business by those poisonous supermarkets.

It sounds wacky I know but she cured me of a shingles type rash in ten minutes flat with a spoonful of baking powder!

There is also the interesting fact that birth rates apparently rose by 30% in India when they changed their diet from meat and  dairy products to meat, home grown vegetables and brown rice. Round about the time of the Buddha...or perhaps a bit before.

Dave Living
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