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David Living aryacitta at hotmail.com
Sat Jun 26 02:58:25 MDT 2010

Yes, but does a diet of fruits and vegetables prevent top-posting?

Sorry Richard, just getting the hang of this computer stuff. I work in the NHS in Southend-on-Sea - its an austerity - and there is an ongoing debate on the perils of vegetarianism and how it leads to wasting hard earned tax payers' money:

http://www.southend-today.co.uk/tn/Letters.cfm?id=21396&headline=The%20perils%20of%20being%20a%20vegetarianQuite frequently, vegetarians were
admitted in a dreadful state but in a few days left the hospital with
grateful thanks, feeling fit once more, and having cost the NHS a lot
of money. 
They were never told that the life-saving protein
administered to them came from animals. 

What seems to be missed as far as I can tell is the dangers of being a "Tesco Vegetarian" or an "Asda Vegetarian" in other words getting your nutritional needs met by food vacuum-wrapped in flexible transparent supermarket plastic that contains pheromone chemicals that cause transvestite or even better - hermaphrodite qualities in newly born male children or even 'worse' in thirty something ugly rugby playing men. I've been a vegetarian for about 30 years now and although I have some of the usual biological changes associated with old age, no energy, poor health or even "hermaphroditiness" doesn't seem to be included....as far as I can tell. Maybe its because I shop at the local fruit and veg shop, or the Saturday market. I also try to get free food from allotment maintaining work mates. On my wages you have to try!

I must say I'm not a religious vegetarianism I have been know to eat sausages knowing them to be non-vegetarian and the odd non-vegetarian chicken leg at a wedding. But I try not to make it a habit!

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