[Buddha-l] Being unable to imagine dying and living

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He's not being sarcastic. Top-posting refers to the custom of placing the reply at the top of the mesage. This is the preferred way in this list. Note that the original message to which I am replying is at the very bottom of this message. Other lists do "bottom posting" where the reply goes at the very end of message. 

The point about being able to read replies versus original message is that, in your posts, they run together and are difficult to separate. One possible solution is to place your entire reply at the very beginning of the message (as suggested: top-posting). However, if you want to isolate specific comments, then allow at least a blank line between your reply and the original. It just makes it easier to read.

Following is an example of "top-posting". I've added "MY REPLY" and "ORIGINAL MESSAGE" to illustrate, not encourage, their use in repiles. 

"To any who read this, please keep in mind that any similarity to actual messages dealing with obtuse, philosophical (yes, I realize that's redundant!) messages is NOT coincidental."

MY REPLY: Who cares what Larry, Curly and Moe think?

ORIGINAL MESSAGE: It is impossible for me to conceive of the inconceivability of the inconceivable. Yet, in reading Larry, Curly and Moe, I think I begin to grasp the inability to grasp the ungraspable. Moreover, if you watch reruns of "You Bet Your Life" it is clear (at least to me) that Groucho hints at this very same position which can also be distinctly heard (occasionally) in some of Harpo's early recordings. Chico's views on the subject are unknown thus confirming the inconceivability of everything. 

Just in case the obvious questions should arise, yes, I'm being slightly sarcastic. Stiil, the suggestions about formatting and replies are meant to be helpful.


P.S. In terms of the obligatory buddhist content of this message, I cannot come up with any. So is that what "emptiness" means?
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>We do top replies on buddha-l.I have no idea what this means. You're being sarcastic?
>The word is "inconceivable",  as per the movie.  Andthe point still remains:  existence is as inconceivable as
No I meant to say before that for what it's worth I agree but think that that's just because non existence is inconceivable. Or maybe that trying to conceive of non existence is more fruitful. This is too unclear but anyway, I am trying for polite.
>I was trying to be nice.The internet is impossible, sorry,

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