[Buddha-l] Review of a review

Erik Hoogcarspel jehms at xs4all.nl
Tue Jun 29 03:22:56 MDT 2010

Perhaps we need a Dharma Consumers Organisation, that rates texts and 
teachers for price and quality. That´s the 21rst century way.


Op 28-06-10 19:20, Franz Metcalf schreef:
> On the other hand, among the most repeated (supposed) words of the
> Buddha are his clear description of exactly what the real teacher
> would be after his death--and it's not the bhikkhus. ("For that which
> I have proclaimed and made known as the Dhamma and the Discipline,
> that shall be your Master when I am gone." [Mahaparinibbana Sutta])
> It's not the bhikkhus who replace the Buddha, it's combination of the
> teaching and the vinaya. I find this very likely actually be what the
> Buddha taught in order to ward off fights over succession. In effect,
> it's the sangha itself that is the teacher and explicitly not any one
> member of it. So, since in a Zen context the sangha includes the
> students, the teacher is, in fact, the whole community of practitioners.

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