[Buddha-l] Review of a review

Erik Hoogcarspel jehms at xs4all.nl
Wed Jun 30 01:52:13 MDT 2010

Op 30-06-10 05:00, Richard Hayes schreef:
> That states very well how I see things. There is no shortage of people 
> who exemplify the Dharma pretty darn well quite a bit of the time. 
> It's just that most people also manifest other stuff. I guess this is 
> why I feel so comfortable with organizations that are as disorganized 
> as Quakers are. Nobody claims to be uniquely good at being a Quaker, 
> and nobody claims to be good at being a Quaker all the time, and 
> nobody expects anyone else to be a good Quaker all the time. A lot of 
> religious organizations would be like that if only they didn't have a 
> teacher or master
Buddhist authorities have a double job: leader of the pack and light in 
the darkness. So anybody who criticizes them is considered a traitor of 
the tribe and not someone who cooperates in guarding right thought and 
practice. We know from the many Buddhist scandals what this can lead to. 
Still change is very difficult because the Asian teachers cannot say 
goodbye to the cult of devotion. The feeling of being adored is an 
addiction and the intellectual lack of capacity to recognize a good idea 
from others is part of their education. So someone who stands on his own 
feet is rejected as being a black sheep.
And here Iv´e got  news for you, Richard, there are even more people 
outside religious organizations who are not claiming even to be a 
uniquely good being and not demanding this from others.


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