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great lessons, responded very well in resolving issues, and we now see
greater maturing of the Buddhist attitudes in the US.

Piya Tan

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> The article appeared on August 20th. It can be found at
> and includes a photo of the Zen Studies Society monastery, and a correction
> (which will be appreciated by Baker Roshi fans), dated Aug. 22nd:
> 'An earlier version of this article erroneously referred to Katy Butler's
> 1990 article "Encountering the Shadow in Buddhist America." She did not
> include Richard Baker in her description of public alcoholism among
> American
> Buddhist leaders.'
> This has been a hot topic among Western Buddhists from time to time, and
> discussed on this list in detail more than once. The article is right about
> one thing -- neither in Asia nor the West has the Sangha been either eager
> or effective at curtailing and weeding out such behavior.
> Dan
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> Oops--article on sex scandals is from NY Times. It was forwarded to me.
> Katherine Masis
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