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Wed Jun 30 17:38:44 MDT 2010

*Ngakpa Update* presents notes and news on the non-monastic ordained Tantri=
sangha: the *gos dKar lCang lo=92i sDe*, or =93white-skirt long-hair catego=
in Tibetan.

We post brief summaries of current academic research on the history of the
tradition, and on its current manifestations in the Himalayas and elsewhere=
We include pointers to events and resources of interest to non-monastic
Tantrikas. Occasionally, we also post essays analyzing the state of current
understanding, and drawing out its implications.

*Ngakpa Update *is primarily intended for Western ngakpas and ngakmas, and
for those potentially interested in taking ordination in this lineage. We
find current academic research relevant to Western Tantric practice. We hop=
to make that research more available to practitioners, and perhaps to serve
as a bridge between the academic and practice communities.

We also welcome the involvement of academics, and of practitioners raised i=
Himalayan communities. We=92d particularly appreciate corrections and point=
to resources of interest, via public web site comments or our contact
The site authors would very much appreciate any comments and contributions.

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