[Buddha-l] Earthquake

R B Basham bshmr at aol.com
Fri Oct 1 16:48:12 MDT 2010

On Fri, 2010-10-01 at 12:00 -0600, Shen Shi'an" <shian at kmspks.org>
> How about this take:
> Top: Earth (crust/plates)
> Liquid (water/molten Earth core)
> Atmosphere (simply air)
> Bottom: Space (which allows movement; elemental interaction)
> ...
> If the Buddha is right,
> he probably didn't speak of actual galactic systems in detail
> because folks in his time wouldn't understand?
> Hmmm...

Such (speculation) furthers nothing. 

Thank you for sharing though it may reveal a mind 'conditioned' to
invent an omniscient, whose absolute knowledge was and is perfectly
transmitted to and from advocates for all time. That is one desire
grasped for by the Abrahamiacs, who discount even their rare competent
leaders by/while doing so. 

Why not 'condition [ones own] mind' otherwise? Simply value and emulate
rational wisdom around one, be 'it' ancient or avant garde.

Richard Basham

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