[Buddha-l] Buddhist Dogma

David Living aryacitta at hotmail.com
Sat Oct 9 14:18:42 MDT 2010

In my experience, most truly devoted buddhist have something that, quite
frankly, I don?t. Call it serenity and equanimity, call it enlightment, call
it whatever; I would like to be as good as them dealing with life and
reality, that?s all. That?s why I?m a buddhist; not because someone told me
to belive there?s a Nirvana, but rather because somewhere along the line I
though "dear chap, to be as compassionate and peaceful as that must be
grand; to what are they attributing their state?".
Best regards

Thanks Federico. I think the Dogma boils down to Ehipassiko - suck it and see. But to give it a good try 
there needs to be a little enthusiasm and some open mindedness. Maybe even some faith. Trouble with
Faith is it moves mountains but sometimes it puts them where you don't want them! It takes thought
and intelligence to get that bit right. On the other hand pure abstract thought and intelligence can "twist
the knickers" a bit too much.

Aryacitta/Dave Living


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