[Buddha-l] Paper: When the Saints Go Marching In (Lachs)

Stuart Lachs slachs at att.net
Fri Apr 15 23:10:43 MDT 2011

Hi Luke,

You wrote,
"The teacher screamed at him, "I represent the Buddha,
>> you represent ego."
> I wondered if you could explain what the teacher meant or just more 
> generally what zen buddhism says about the ego - I don't actually think 
> it's a term I've encountered in what I've read."

I believe the teacher meant that he speaks with the mind of the Buddha, the 
selfless enlightened mind while the student " representing ego" speaks with 
a mind attached to itself, self protective, some times referred to as the 
small mind, a mind/being that sees itself in opposition to and separate from 
everything else.

If you have read old Chan/Zen texts or their translations, you will not see 
the term ego because it is a modern western term. However, it is commonly 
used around western Zen centers.

All the best,


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