[Buddha-l] Linux WP for Tibetan?

Bernard Simon bernie.simon at gmail.com
Sun Dec 11 18:37:11 MST 2011

Since I started this controversy, I thought I should clear things up.  
I'm planning on replacing my Mac with a Dell running Ubuntu Linux, so  
I am making sure it can do everything I need. When I first  
experimented with Libre Office I had problems, both with ligatures and  
selecting text by the usual mouse click and drag. After reading  
Chris's reply this morning I tried again and couldn't duplicate the  
problems. So chalk it all up to user error.

Here's a bit about how Tibetan Unicode is handled on Ubuntu Linux.  
Converting keystrokes to unicode characters is handled by a program  
called Ibus, which is not enabled by default, but which can be enabled  
through the system administration interface. Ubuntu does not ship with  
Tibetan fonts, but free fonts are available and easy to install.  
Ubuntu Linux ships with Libre Office, a fork of Open Office, one of  
several that happened after Oracle bought out Sun Computer and  
inherited (and mismanaged) its open source efforts. I find that it's  
overkill for my needs and I am going to use Abiword, which does not  
ship with Ubuntu, but is a one click install through its interface. It  
handles Tibetan at least as well as Libre/Open Office, starts up  
faster, and handles basic word processing (which is all I need.)

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