[Buddha-l] Linux WP for Tibetan?

andy stroble at hawaii.edu
Wed Dec 14 22:17:27 MST 2011

> On Dec 13, 2011, at 21:32 , Simon Wiles wrote:
> > If you combine XeLaTeX
> > with LyX, you can get a nice comfortable environment set up quite
> > easily.
> I've used LyX and liked it. These days I'm using TeXworks and texstudio,
> both of which are very nice. As for using Abiword, OpenOffice or
> LibreOffice to generate LaTeX code, I confess to having done it, but I
> find that method just doesn't build character in the way that grappling
> with LaTeX code does. Having attractive output isn't my only goal; I also
> want a markup language that is so difficult to use that it burns off bad
> karma. (I'm a closet Jain.) When I am not feeling my ascetic oats, I
> sometimes use markdown instead of markup. But I'm afraid to use it too
> much, lest I grow attached to a life of ease and luxury.
> Richard

Ah, I knew there was hope for those of us trapped in the multilingual hell of 
comparative studies!   I don't even know how to typeset Sanscrit, let alone 
Tibetan, so I will go off and try to get in the Logic symbols for my final exam.  
That should both burn off karma, and create a whole bunch more.  Sorry. 
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