[Buddha-l] Linux WP for Tibetan?

Bernie Simon bernie.simon at gmail.com
Thu Dec 15 14:10:28 MST 2011

> Have any of you had experience typesetting Tibetan or Sanskrit using the
>xeLaTeX macros? I had a
> bunch of Sanskrit material that I had typeset about fifteen years ago
>using EDMACS in plain TeX, which
> of course works well on all platforms.

Yes, I think LaTeX's strength is as an archival format. But I'm looking
toward epub for archiving documents. While the standard will continue to
evolve, since it's based on xhtml, new versions should be backwards
compatible. Libre Office and Abiword will write xhtml, which is easy to
convert to epub.

> I also want a markup language that is so difficult to use that it burns
>off bad karma.

You should write TeX macros, that will get you to nirvana in a hurry.

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