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Richard's history of these various lists allows as how at one time there
were lots of subscribers: 

"In early communications about the new Buddhist Academic Discussion Forum, I
predicted to Jim Cocks that subscriptions to the academic forum would
probably level off at around thirty to forty subscribers. In fact, it soon
reached a level of several hundred, and the number of subscribers
consistently stayed around the 850 figure until 2005. It has never been an
exclusively academic forum. In fact, the lack of substantial difference
between buddha-l and buddhist, aside from the fact that one forum was
moderated and the other was not, led me to combine the two lists into the
one moderated forum in autumn 2001."

Ok, so until 2005 there were 850. 
After that, nothing said about how many subscribers were left after 2005,
nor about how many there are today. 
How many are there today?
Judging by the blankness (shunya) of buddha-l today,  one suspects the
number might be around five: the five people who work on alternative digital
codings.  Most probably because that topic provoked the largest exchange of
the past six months, and has nothing to do with anything except coding
talents and preferences. 

Joanna Kirkpatrick

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As 2011 draws to a close, buddha-l celebrates the twentieth anniversary of
its founding in the autumn of 1991, and the tenth anniversary of the
"buddhist" and "buddha-l" lists being collapsed into a single list that
incorporates the vices of both and the virtues of neither. Hardly a days
goes by that I don't think it's time for buddha-l to become impermanent, but
it keeps sluggishly plodding along. 

For those of you who have forgotten the history of buddha-l (or its
predecessor, buddhist at jpntohok), an idiosyncratic account of the early days
is to be found on an old website that also should be dead by now but keeps
limping along like a vampire in search of a stake to be driven through its


All the merry crew of elves who sleep in the control room of buddha-l wish
all you subscribers a pleasant and prosperous 2012. May you all get a life.


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