[Buddha-l] Whatever happened to buddha-l?

Erik Hoogcarspel jehms at xs4all.nl
Thu Jun 9 01:40:57 MDT 2011

Homo homini lupus, man a wolf to man. A dog is a civilised wolf. The 
cynics apparently ascribed some civilisation to man when they took the 
dog as the symbol of man living according to his own nature. We have to 
remember of course that dogs at the time where not always as nice as 
they are nowadays. They stole, barked and sometimes attacked people.
Buddha-l is a typical example of modern dog nature: one member of the 
pack howls and the others answer. This time the doggies have just been 
playing some time with there own private bosses and forgot about the 
pack, until one is left alone on the balcony or hears a high pitched 
sound from the radio.
The thing I like about dogs is that they like to play and are very 
serious about it, almost like Tibetan monks deal with their pujas. And 
compassion is very much part of a dog's way of life: licking a 
stranger's hands just for fun is pretty compassionate. Even a dog's 
tooth can become a Buddhist relic according to a famous story. It looks 
like 'dog' is just a Buddhist word for god. Let's get rid of the 
rinpoches, they are much to expensive and all take a puppy.


Op 08-06-11 21:16, Gad Horowitz schreef:
> How American!   Poor doggie...

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