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Lidewij Niezink lidewij at gmail.com
Tue Jun 14 15:27:06 MDT 2011

That makes me wonder...: Are there any technical rules to making koans or is
it really only a communication/experiental understanding tool?

I'm working on developing empathy curriculi for different groups of people.
One of the components of experiencing empathy has to do with emotional
resonance. Perceiving another persons' emotional life is different from
empathic accuracy. You don't teach it, it is experiental, you catch it. We
can learn all about facial muscles and how they express different emotions
but that does not make us more adequate in responding to these emotions. Yet
when a resonance takes place, when an emotion like tenderness resonates
within you, things might be different.

So I was thinking of the 'what is the sound of one hand clapping' and would
like to pose the twist 'what is the sound of a compassionate heart loving'.
Can I do that or am i offending someone with that?


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