[Buddha-l] China plans theme park near Lhasa

Jo jkirk at spro.net
Fri Jul 20 11:31:41 MDT 2012

Op 20-07-12 16:04, Jo schreef:
> Chinese theme parks are created, produced, and probably also built by 
> Han Chinese, unless they hire a few Tibetans as semi-slave labor. The 
> creativity will have nothing to do with Tibetans. They might however 
> see it as an avenue to some employment, if they are lucky.
> JK
Do not underestimate the flexibility of the Chinese entrepreneur, Joanna. I
have seen shop owners in China that claimed to be of genuine Tibetan
descendence, and told all kinds of fake stories about their 'relatives' in
Lhasa. I even would not be surprised if the obligatory Tibetan dance group
and street vendors in the theme park will come from Beijing. It is btw very
easy to tell if someone is Tibetan by the typical pronunciation of the
dentals which no Chinese will ever master.
It will be however very difficult to find someone who will set himself on
fire in the streets now and then, only the be harshly beaten afterwards by
secret police. But I suppose everybody has his price. 
Perhaps a job for captured Falung Gong members?


Yes, Eric--- what you say adds nicely to what I wrote. 

Yesterday I said, "All of the major nations of the world have had messianic
visions of warfare and triumph. One might even speculate that these visions
are the historic basis of the major appeal that their lust for violence has
installed in human psychology (see, for ex., the mass popularity of violent
video games)."

That remark underlines the gun attacks reported today (but happened last
night after midnight so datewise, today) in a movie theater in Aurora, CO.
It was the new Batman film's opening there. Twelve people died and dozens
were injured. I'm betting that the perpetrator is a big fan of the most
murderous, sadistic-type video games.


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