[Buddha-l] On Eve of the Olympics, China Rolls out new Tibet Propaganda

Jo jkirk at spro.net
Fri Jul 27 15:26:33 MDT 2012

Sent: Friday, July 27, 2012 2:19 PM

Yesterday, England's newspaper The Telegraph (nicknamed the
after the country's conservative political party to which it caters) ran a
piece of pure Chinese propaganda.

The piece (one could hardly call it an
by Liu Xiaoming, the Chinese ambassador to Britain, and was featured just a
day before the Olympic Games Opening Ceremony (tonight). Amazingly, Liu
claims that:

see link:

The hatred that official China shows towards Tibetans and the Dalai Lama is
of the same tone and persecutory volume accorded to the Dalits (aka
untouchables) in many parts of India. Its excessiveness will never persuade
anybody with access to reasonable news media, such as The Guardian, let's
say, and reports of Chinese persecution and displacement from property,
spiritual practice, and employment of people of Tibetan culture within their
own country.  The above pre-Olympics tract is yet another example of, as
Whittaker's Chinese friend said, "...everything that the Chinese government
says is lies."


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