[Buddha-l] uinique article

Stuart Lachs slachs at att.net
Tue Jul 31 18:05:16 MDT 2012


"Leaving Om" linked below, is a unique article on young tulkus who are not fully accepting the roles chosen for them. But more importantly, it reveals the dark side of life for these young boys in Tibetan monasteries, mentioning severe beatings, on going rape, and attempted murder by a tutor. Especially moving is the section on the young Kalu Rimpoche. I suggest connecting to the link in the article, "Confessions of Kalu Rimpoche," a video he made in Paris.


This is not an academic article, and "Details" seems like a strange choice of magazine for the article, but it is opening up a side of Tibetan monastic life not often discussed, especially so by first person participants. 




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