[Buddha-l] Looking for a translation - quick inquiry

Richard Hayes richard.hayes.unm at gmail.com
Tue Aug 20 22:03:29 MDT 2013

On Aug 19, 2013, at 22:51, Charlie Hodgin <charku at gmail.com> wrote:

> Does anyone know of an English translation of the following:
> *The Heart Essence of Chetsun* - Chetsün Nyingtik (lce btsun snying
> tig

Thanks to my famously careless reading habits, I spent a couple of days thinking you were seeking a Sanskrit translation of the phrase "lce btsun snying thig" and was just about to send that information to you. But I now see you are interested in an English translation of a text, not the Sanskrit translation of the text's title.

About 90% (a completely meaningless number based on no data whatsoever, but it sounds impressive to innumerate folks) of what one sees is what one assumes one will see. (Recent research suggests that these "assumptions" are the product of neuronal activity in the sense organs and are therefore preconscious and nothing over which anyone can have any control—we living organisms are hard-wired not to see things as they are but to see things as they are probably going to be a split second into the future; that's what makes it possible to drive cars, hit fast-pitched balls and finish sentences of slow-talking people from Arizona.) 

I naturally assume that everyone wants to know the Sanskrit for every technical term in Buddhism. Needless to say, that assumption leads to constantly bitter disappointment, which makes me exceedingly grumpy and difficult to live with. And therein lies the snying thig (bindu) of the Buddha-dharma.


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