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The peace park development in Lumbini that encompasses the birthplace of  
the Buddha is well under way, and has been for several years, under the  
sponsorship of the government of Nepal, although much of the land set aside for  
it remained undeveloped the last time I was there. There are  temples and 
monasteries built by those from most predominantly Buddhist  countries. 
Perhaps this latest is to be built nearby
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Here's  the answer to the underlying sponsorship--a Pure  Land:

Lumbini, Nepal, the Buddha's birthplace is a small poor hamlet that is  set
to be reborn as a model city of peace and harmony and its  designer,
internationally renowned architect, political scientist and  educator Kwaak
Young Hoon brings his mega vision and high spiritual ideals  to realise the

*But if the vision of Master Chin Kung of Pure  Land Learning College*
garners enough support it will become a leading  example of a multi-faith
community that lives in peace and harmony.  


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