[Buddha-l] Internet activist Aaron Swartz commits suicide Re Library.nu

Joy Vriens joy.vriens at gmail.com
Sun Jan 13 10:20:38 MST 2013

Hi Jo,

This smells like anticipated damage control. It is not clear who was 
behind the increasing number of charges. JSTOR had dropped the charges. 
BTW the link "JSTOR was not the entity pressing charges" in this article 
has disappeared (Our Apologies... We Can't Find The Page You Are Looking 
For), but JSTOR's statement is still available here.

"The criminal investigation and today’s indictment of Mr. Swartz has 
been directed by the United States Attorney’s Office. It was the 
government’s decision whether to prosecute, not JSTOR’s. As noted 
previously, our interest was in securing the content. Once this was 
achieved, we had no interest in this becoming an ongoing legal matter."

By making the content publicly available for free before the upcoming 
process, JSTOR seemed to want to come out of it clean. Perhaps Pontius 
Pilatus/JSTOR motivations were clean from the start, or perhaps it 
launched the Attorney Office, and then withdrew, thus having its cake 
and eating it. What is the anonymous power behind the US Attorney’s 
Office's zeal? A case of setting an example no doubt, but who exactly 
wants to set an example? Is it the will of the US public to have 
knowledge protected by paywalls? Julian Assange must be following this 
with interest...

Jo wrote:
commits-suicide/ "News of Swartz's suicide came only days after Jstor 
announced this week that it would make more than 4.5 million articles" 
publicly available for free." 
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