[Buddha-l] Compassionate Violence?

Jo ugg-5 at spro.net
Fri Jun 7 09:34:41 MDT 2013


Post hoc rationalisations of bad behaviour are a standard feature of elites. Any war can be justified given a talented enough propagandist.

Even a Buddhist war.





Yes indeed, as we saw with the Bush/Cheney war on Iraq, propagandized and promulgated via lies acceptable to a delusionary public.   


Also, we see this today in the propagandizing of 'authority' figures appearing on TV, asserting that massive secret applications of the Patriot Act and subsequent variations actually "saved us from a terrorist attack", said attack never identified.  Meanwhile, the massive secret accumulations of phone numbers plus the PRISM spying on desktops and online activities did nothing to spare us from the Boston Marathon Bombers.  

Powerful elites rest easier with secret investigative machinery, the equivalent of Tibetan emperors’ illusionary magick.    



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