[Buddha-l] FW: Sri Lanka monks form RSS-like group

Jo ugg-5 at spro.net
Wed Mar 27 15:15:27 MDT 2013

Thanks for posting BBS's provisions. Very useful.

(4) Government projects intended to reduce the Sri Lankan population must be stopped. Within a month closing the family planning units. Prohibiting sending women to the Middle East for slavery.

According to what I have read, this BBS provision concerns the suspected habit of the Muslim population trying to outbreed/out-populate Sinhalese Buddhists.  My comment:
I have no research evidence on whether this Muslim proclivity is factual in Sri Lanka. 
However, I DO know that the current brand of Islam being pushed world-wide, thanks to Saudi money in every country with Muslim populations --the Wahhabi sect of Islam---forbids using contraception and limiting fertility in any way. (Bangladesh is one of the countries that finally decided to fight this.) Muslim women are supposed to keep putting out kids until they either die, or go sterile.

As for prohibiting sending women to the ME: 
Sri Lanka is not the only country that has been allowing this practice. India and Nepal are big practitioners of allowing the shipping of poverty-level women for alleged jobs in the ME and Gulf states. They all know by now what happens to these women--they are physically maltreated, rarely receive their pay, are worked like slaves, trapped from fleeing home because their passports are lifted by the employers, and often they are raped and used for sex by male employers. 
I do know about this practice in the case of Nepal: The Nepali government knows very well what the future of these women is or can become. There are two main obstacles to enforcing any laws preventing this (IF there ARE any laws): 
a) poor women are easily lured by word of employment in the Gulf States, let's say, and they clamor to get passports and borrow heavily to go; b) touts/gangsters operate such employment programs, putting their victims in debt for the transportation, visas, and more. (b1) Such organized action is very often owned by rich moneybags in both Nepal and India--men with "connections"--thus the governments do nothing significant to stop it!!!

Now I want to ask:
Has Sri Lanka passed laws against this practice as yet? How will the BBS monks be able to get any enforcement of existing laws, or get laws passed, when they probably will need to go against the very moneybags who contribute generously to the sangha? Have they figured out how this trafficking of women operates in their country?  Are they blaming the Muslims for it? Do Sri Lankan Muslims have anything proven to do with this? 

(5)        Protecting Buddhist rights. Introducing one legal system for all Sri
Lankans. (a) Dutch and English Law, (b) Tesavalame Law, and (3) Sharia Law.

I personally support all efforts everywhere to maintain one legal system applicable to all citizens, of any country. Would this provision entail writing a new constitution for the country?  Such a constitution should protect all citizens' rights, not just Buddhist rights.

I want to add, as one who has devoted a lot of study to aspects of contemporary political Islam, that in the past decade (if not more) Wahhabist/Salafist propaganda among Muslims pushing calls for adding shari'a to national legal systems has been going on. Has this been happening in Sri Lanka as well?



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