[Buddha-l] Happy Halloween! Buddha-L is defunct!

donna Bair-Mundy donnab at hawaii.edu
Fri Nov 1 00:58:32 MDT 2013

   Please reconsider.
   Buddha-l is often the only high point of my day.  I'm not kidding.
   I realize that sometimes the dialogue disintegrates into vituperative 
swipes but even in the midst of those there are often little gems of 
information embedded in the sediment.
   Many of us have lives in which we must focus our attention throughout 
much of the day on the rather dreary administrative trivia that is 
required of everyone who teaches at a university these days.  What 
percentage of my students achieved which levels of attainment regarding 
Student Learning Objective 3b, to be recorded in a spreadsheet, for 
   It is such a relief when one opens one's e-mail and spots a series of 
messages from Buddha-l.  Honestly, it perks me up with anticipation when I 
move the cursor down to click on those e-mails.
   Please don't take that away.

                    	Have a safe and joyful day,

 			donna Bair-Mundy, Ph.D.
 			Instructor, LIS Program
 			Information & Computer Sci. Dept.
 			Hamilton Library, Room 003-B
 			2550 McCarthy Mall
 			University of Hawai`i at Manoa
 			Honolulu, HI 96822
 			Voice: 808-956-9518 Fax: 808-956-5835
 			<donnab at hawaii.edu>

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