[Buddha-l] Happy Halloween! Buddha-L is defunct!

donna Bair-Mundy donnab at hawaii.edu
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   Mahalo (thank you).  Saw that listed on Amazon but did not know if 
indeed it is a good translation.  Will put that on my holiday reading 
   As for your signature quote, I'm hoping not to experience the 
impermanence of Buddha-l just yet.  Need to do a lot more meditation 
before I can let go...

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On Fri, 1 Nov 2013, kansei wrote:

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>> ... some pointers
>> to good translations and commentaries regarding the Surangama Sutra.  (I
>> can't do diacriticals with my e-mail system.)
>>   Would anyone please help me out?
> http://tinyurl.com/q3t9mcv
> This might be the best one to date!
> kansei
> *Impermanent are all component things,
> They arise and cease,
> that is their nature:
> They come into being
> and pass away,
> Release from them is bliss supreme.
>    - Mahaa-Parinibbaana Sutta (DN 16)*
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