[Buddha-l] Happy Halloween! Buddha-L is defunct!

Jeff Ross jross at openvistas.net
Fri Nov 1 12:11:07 MDT 2013

I made this offer one other time (maybe when it had to move from 
Louisville?)  but it still stands.  I have a small hosting company and 
since I've been a subscriber and lurker since the mid-90's I, too, would 
hate to see it go.

I can host the e-mail list at no charge on my server.

Jeff Ross
Open Vistas Networking
Townsend, MT

On 11/1/13, 11:51 AM, Lidewij Niezink wrote:
> Wouldn't it be possible to leave it where it is and chipping in together
> for the hosting expenses? I'm sure someone could do a doctoral research on
> the archives as well (psychological if not buddhist studies... ;-)). I
> would gladly pay a bit to keep your conversation going here. Becoming
> Facebook friends would be the other option but my posts there are far too
> embarassing to share with such a bunch of learned Buddhists.
> Hope it will work out!
> Lidewij
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