[Buddha-l] The scientific project and the Buddhist project

Erik Hoogcarspel jehms at xs4all.nl
Sun Oct 13 13:25:00 MDT 2013

Richard Hayes schreef op 13-10-2013 20:05:
> On Oct 13, 2013, at 03:39 , jehms <jehms at xs4all.nl> wrote:
>> I agree that life consists of different sports played on different fields, but I always thought of the philosopher as the journalist who tries to describe and understand what is happening without taking part in any of those sports.
> Is it possible not to take part in any of those sports?
OK, if you still live you will be playing on several fields at a time. 
In this case I really meant science as a kind of Olympics of 'the will 
to know' as Nietzsche called it.
>> So my conclusion is that the DL needs to read Nietzsche or Husserl, or possible both (and understand them as well) rather than those academic specialists.
> I just gave away all by books by Husserl. I tried dozens of times to read them but finally came to the conclusion that I'm just too dull-witted to understand anything he says. As for Nietzsche, there are few people I love to read more, although I read him in short doses very far apart for fear that his insanity might be contagious.
Nietzsche himself advised to take long walks in between reading his 
texts. About Husserl: some of his writings are pretty tedious indeed, 
but his 'Crisis' I consider a good read as well as his Origin of 
Mathematics. I suppose however that Jan Patocka is a better choice for 
Buddhists because of his asubjective phenomenology.


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