[Buddha-l] The scientific project and the Buddhist project

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Mon Oct 14 01:21:40 MDT 2013

my 2 cents on this:
I'm a scientist, have always been, by that I mean "my way of thinking is pretty much the way scientists do science" since I remember, I didn't learn that at the University or school. I studied Science as well and have worked as a researcher. 
I got interested in Buddhism at the beginning because I found "you have to experience things by yourself to actually believe them" very "scientist" as a no dogma way. 
To relate mind "transformation" -or whatever  people want to call that- to meditation or talk about how quantum physics and Buddhism relate is not an interesting subject to me, may distract me a little as intellectual small talking but not more.

Some time ago -while cooking- I asked another scientist what she believed in...she looked at me as I was crazy and said: -nothing of course! I'm a scientist!!!
that made me laugh....a little....I'm a scientist as well- I said- and I believe in plenty of different things, intuition and asking yourself questions is the basis of a scientific approach- and also scientists know that  plenty of things "may be" true until you prove the opposite anyway and that whatever it is as it is is already that way independently of what we think about it.

(cloudy in France this morning, I had to light the lamps even if it is 11 in the morning)

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> Dan Lusthaus has written a great piece relating Husserl and Buddhism

I have tried reading Lusthaus's work relating Husserl and Buddhism as many times as I have tried to read Husserl. Like Husserl himself, Lusthaus on Husserl is way over my head. I am much too simple-minded to read such impenetrable material.

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