[Buddha-l] Inquisition

Dan Lusthaus vasubandhu at earthlink.net
Wed Sep 18 12:00:14 MDT 2013

> As I move deeper into decrepitude, I find myself making this sort of 
> performance error with alarmingly greater frequency. I think what happens 
> is that one begins a sentence thinking of one verb and its accompanying 
> syntactical pattern and finishes thinking of another.

Sometimes it is because one gets distracted mid-sentence -- the phone rings, 
the wife wants something, life outside the email bubble demands immediate 
attention, etc. -- and one returns to the sentence distracted. Sometimes, as 
you say, gears invisibly shift while writing, since one's thoughts and one's 
typing are rarely in perfect sync. In general, it all comes under the 
heading of decrepitude. अनित्यम् दुःखम् anityam duhkham.


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