[Buddha-l] Inquisition

Dr Ian Astley ian.astley at ed.ac.uk
Wed Sep 18 14:18:57 MDT 2013

Quoting Richard Hayes <richard.hayes.unm at gmail.com> on Wed, 18 Sep  
2013 10:25:31 -0600:

> [...] As I move deeper into decrepitude, I find myself making this  
> sort of performance error with alarmingly greater frequency. I think  
> what happens is that one begins a sentence thinking of one verb and  
> its accompanying syntactical pattern and finishes thinking of  
> another. To someone who has spent a lifetime paying close attention  
> to the use of language, this is no occasion for insouciance.

Good job we didn't learn any syntactic patterns from the other side of  
the globe, eh? Oh.


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