[Buddha-l] Re: Tozan's blue mountain and white cloud

BCarral benitocd at yahoo.es
Fri Apr 18 02:00:36 MDT 2008

On Friday, April 18, 2008, Piya Tan wrote:

> Anyway,  I  have  digressed.  More on Chan. How right
> would  I be in saying that the koan specifically, and
> Chan  in general, work best in a Sinic ambience: Chan
> is best taken Chinese (or East Asian).

   I lead the Oviedo Zen Center which is in the Chinese
tradition  (although  we  have  a  liturgy in Spanish),
attended only by Spaniards, and I can say that they can
get Chan quite well.

   I  read  them  some  koan from time to time, just to
feel  their  minds, and they find it a quite shattering

   But it's not because of language, it's because their
mind is blocked by concepts. For instance, I once asked
them,  "Why  do we have eyes?" And they were all caught
by these words. Otherwise they are very good students.

   Best wishes,


     Asturias, Spain

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