[Buddha-l] Re: buddha-l Digest, Vol 38, Issue 13

Gary Gach gary.gach at gmail.com
Mon Apr 28 14:36:32 MDT 2008

i've seen a two-minute guided meditation by tara brach on you tube; on
"pausing" -- might still be there

a metta meditation retreat with sharon salzburg implemented guided
meditation, visualizing and sending out metta

in terms of denaturing and diffusion i'd look to shakti gawain's creative
visualization, which borrows from heterodox traditions, and had enormous

on up to yoko ono's conceptual art work:  *imagine*

& thich nhat hanh's book *blooming of the lotus *originates in gathas for a
variant of the guided meditation phenomenon

and visualization is an interesting phenomenon: in qi gong, for instance, so
much depends on visualizing energy

"visualize whirled peas"
gary gach

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