[Buddha-l] Re: buddha-l Digest, Vol 38, Issue 13

Erik Hoogcarspel jehms at xs4all.nl
Tue Apr 29 03:42:11 MDT 2008

Gary Gach schreef:
> i've seen a two-minute guided meditation by tara brach on you tube; on
> "pausing" -- might still be there
> a metta meditation retreat with sharon salzburg implemented guided
> meditation, visualizing and sending out metta
> in terms of denaturing and diffusion i'd look to shakti gawain's creative
> visualization, which borrows from heterodox traditions, and had enormous
> impact
> on up to yoko ono's conceptual art work:  *imagine*
> & thich nhat hanh's book *blooming of the lotus *originates in gathas for a
> variant of the guided meditation phenomenon
> and visualization is an interesting phenomenon: in qi gong, for instance, so
> much depends on visualizing energy
There are different kinds of visualisations. Plotinos visualized in his 
Enneads the universe and the world of transcendent ideas, but that is 
not the same as visualizing in tong-len and that again is different from 
visualiation in sadhana's. The difference is in whether you see 
something happening with your body, or witnessing an event and what the 
impact of the event is supposed ot have on you. Seeing something is 
again not the same as feeling. I don't know all tricks in qi gong, but 
the ones I've come across are more about feeling than seeing. There's a 
thin line between visualizing and having a vision, which is again quite 
something else. I guess it all has to do with our mirror neurons, seeing 
somebody doing something means imitating this in your own mind.



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