[Buddha-l] Being unable to imagine dying [confused]

Erik Hoogcarspel jehms at xs4all.nl
Mon Jun 7 01:56:54 MDT 2010

Op 06-06-10 23:19, lemmett at talk21.com schreef:
> I could never understand what he could possibly mean by wisdom and it seemed *really* important. No really I don't think I have a clue at all...
> I was wondering if the ultimate existential question is trans-humanistic suicide. Richard would go for it it seems, I'd probably claim that both alternatives are beyond being chosen and then cackle myself to death :?
> or
Who, Wittgenstein? And W I or W II? I cannot imagine what you might mean 
with trans-humanistic suicide. Is there a sub-humanistic one as well?
I guess a good philosophical question is why after having discovered 
what life is all about we don't commit suicide and the Buddhist answer 
is reincarnation. So if you're a Buddhist belief in reincarnation could 
save your life. If you doubt reincarnation you must find another excuse 
for living and some think compassion is a good one, others like more the 
idea of self-affirmation or self-development. In the Indian traditions 
self-development requires social suicide, you bury your social self, 
your identity and get a new one by getting initiated into a new tribe. 
That's why Tibetan Buddhism has all these initiations. Most Buddhists 
prefer that above boring themselves to death or watching tele.


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