[Buddha-l] Being unable to imagine dying [confused]

lemmett at talk21.com lemmett at talk21.com
Tue Jun 8 08:05:37 MDT 2010

>>> So, Buddhism is rather a gay science then for if the above is wrong
>>> then there is nothing to worry about, and if it is right then there is
>>> no one to worry about. :)

>> I believe you have headed the hit right on the nail (or whatever the
>> expression is). The unofficial anthem of Buddhism is Bobby McFerrin's
>> song "Don't worry, be happy." Admittedly, McFerrin got the idea from the
>> mystical Jewish grandmother Bubbie Meier. Or was it the Vedantin Muslim
>> mystic Meher Baba? I'm always getting those two mixed up in my happily
>> non-worrying way.
>> Second only to Cornell West, Bobby McFerrin is my favorite gay
>> scientist. Frankly, I don't think anyone but a blues man can grasp the
>> full implications of the first noble truth and move from there into the
>> degree of rhapsodic scientific gaiety needed to sing and dance with
>> abandon.
>> Richard
>> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Don%27t_Worry,_Be_Happy
>What puzzles me is that there will be always those who'd take the
>first part of my little eulogy as a suggestion to >>start worrying about
>Thanks for the link. I also always liked what master Suzuki used to
>say - "you must be cheerful".
>Hello again. I just wanted to butt in and ask what is meant by what I have highlighted above "[don't] start worrying about nothingness". Do you mean don't >fear< nothingness, don't >think< about nothingness or something else entirely? Also I would like to ask in what way [and also I guess, what evidence is there to suggest that] I do not understand Mahayana? Best wishes, Luke


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