[Buddha-l] Being unable to imagine dying [confused]

Macleod, Nik Nik.Macleod at proquest.co.uk
Tue Jun 8 08:54:12 MDT 2010

> Luke wrote:
> Sent: 08 June 2010 15:06
> ... "[don't] start worrying about nothingness". Do you mean don't 
> >fear< nothingness, don't >think< about nothingness or  something 
> else entirely? 

An apposite passage (#66) from Kāśyapaparivarta springs to mind:

"Kāśyapa it is like a person terrified of empty space who, while 
beating his chest and wailing piteously, speaks thus: ‘Take away 
that empty space!’ What do you think Kāśyapa, is it possible to 
remove empty space?" 
(Kāśyapa) replied: "No way, Lord!" 
The Lord said: "So likewise Kāśyapa those mendicants and brahmins 
who are frightened of emptiness, they I say are thoroughly confused. 
Why is that? Because they live and move in emptiness and yet they 
are afraid if it."

Best regards
Nik Macleod

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