[Buddha-l] Being unable to imagine dying and living

lemmett at talk21.com lemmett at talk21.com
Thu Jun 10 07:50:29 MDT 2010

>>No I am not stating the continuance of me. What I mean is that that idea [inconceivability] is >>a cognitive element to my [our] thinking of dying whether we mean it to be 
>>or not. But I can accept that this cognitive distortion or the 
>>identification of it or anything like that has nothing to do with Buddhism: >>cased closed!

>Denying the denial, while affirming it! Nice. I guess you don't read what >you write. Case closed.

I'm sorry but I don't understand where the continuance of me is a logical consequence of anything I have said. In my use of 'my thinking of dying'? But you said 'I guess you don't' in your reply!


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