[Buddha-l] Ethical Dilemmas

Erik Hoogcarspel jehms at xs4all.nl
Fri Jun 11 15:43:26 MDT 2010

Op 11-06-10 13:57, Dan Lusthaus schreef:
> Prescriptive, yes -- and hence prescribing for future actions, to be
> considered PRIOR to taking action. But a priori? Not necessarily. For
> instance a legal code makes prescriptive rules: You ought to stop at a red
> light. This is prescriptive, but not an a priori.
This is nonsense, sorry I'm not going to explain a priori to you, do 
your homework.
>> I think it is and I have some company, f.i. G.E. Moore
> If you are not uncomfortable being in G.E. Moore's company, so be it.
> Moore's realism was truly naive.
I meant ethical realism, not ontological.
> To say that different situations are different is not automatically
> relativism.
No, read again.
>>> you don't allow just anyone to represent Holland on
>>> the football team at the World Cup
>>> http://www.nytimes.com/2010/06/06/magazine/06Soccer-t.html?ref=magazine
>> Believe me I would, I was just about to ask Richard.
> If you need surgery, would you invite Richard to do that as well, or would
> you prefer a trained surgeon?
Certainly, why?
> That is the justice
>> department. History is not just,
> But we are talking about ethics, not history (nor Joy's Mother Nature -- you
> folks certainly do worship at a variety of pujas).
You were talking about history as an argument for your position on ethics.
>> Should we help the poor and victims of
>> suppression? Of course. I should do it right now, but 'ought' implies
>> 'can'. I cannot remove the Burmese gunta, that's why they're still there.
> If you want to undermine them, you could work toward that end. You don't
> know how effective you might be until you make the effort.
Parole parole parole...
> Nor for decisions about cookies. Is it justified to kill a terrorist?
>> According to utilism it is OK, according to Kant or Habermas it is not.
>> I tend to agree with Kant,
> This is a luxury bred by a certain isolation from reality -- where food is
> pre-killed and attractively packaged waiting at the local store, jack
> nickelsons are handling the truth, and we think the bad stuff is happening
> to "them" over there, not here. After centuries of inter-European wars, two
> world wars, massive genocides of the 20th century (Hitler, Stalin, etc.),
> Europe's sudden enlightened pacifism is an ephemeral bubble already
> obsolete, an understandable historical anomaly largely a consequence of
> European recognition that the sun does finally set on the British Empire and
> the the days of Imperialism are over.
You sound like you joined to many Tea-parties lately. VS gooooood, 
Europe baaaaad! I wish the world was that easy, but then again I 
wouldn't have much to do as a philosopher.

Now I have to go and shoot a moose for breakfast.


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