[Buddha-l] Ethical Dilemmas

Erik Hoogcarspel jehms at xs4all.nl
Sun Jun 13 08:26:01 MDT 2010

Op 13-06-10 12:59, Dan Lusthaus schreef:
> As for the Wilders speech, i realize it is also very popular and much easier
> to demonize Wilders than to admit that there might be some grains (or more)
> of legitimacy in his diagnosis.
He demonizes himself, because he refuses to investigate his claims and 
to consult sociologists about the causes of the problems he points to. 
The solutions he proposes are impossible. He called his fellow 
representatives 'raving mad', he wants to introduce a 'headragtax', 
fining every women who wears a headscarf. He wants to prohibit Islam. 
His economical program used to be not more then 1000 words and has been 
called by leading economists a real disaster. He does not do this 
because he is real stupid, but because he is cunning. He enjoys power 
and he is prepared even to switch sides if he can get it that way. He is 
not a Don Quichote, he is a Tan Shwe or a Stalin.
I have worked with immigrants for almost 15 years and I know their 
problems and mentality. Most of them are just uneducated, not evil. The 
politics of fear that Wilders thrives on is the real problem. Dutch 
soldiers with Maroccan and Turkish pasports die in Afghanistan. If 
Wilders gets his way Europe will become like Afghanistan and he will be 
the leader of the white troupes. If you believe in Wilders, you´re 
believing in an empty shell.
>> http://www.krapuul.nl/nieuws/8801/wilders-oproep-tot-genocide-op-mensen-met-wortels-in-de-islam/
> (Demonize him by accusing him of demonization... very neat)
> For instance what he says about Israel starting around minute 9 is
> absolutely true, though anti-zionism has become so ingrained in many
> quarters that it will be easier for some to dismiss what he says than
> admitting that he is pointing to a fundamental flaw in the common polemics.
> The conflict *is* about ideology and hegemony (who gets to control how you
> live), not land. Appeasement didn't prevent WW II, and trying to appease
> Arabs with land, etc., will be just as unsuccessful since that is not what
> they want (Hamas says so blatantly, the PA will accept land as a temporary
> measure toward a final solution). No one is listening, no one wants to admit
> that they are saying that, and that they mean what they say.
> That children are brainwashed to think Jews are apes and pigs, that honor
> killings are now taking place in Europe, etc., that plane hijacking, murder
> at the Olympics, suicide bombers, etc. have been gifts from the Islamic
> world to the rest of the globe --- all that is true -- they're not Wilders'
> fantasies.
It is also true that Maroccan soldiers fought in WW II against Hitler 
and that Jews never had any problem in Marocco in the past. Picking the 
right examples you can suggest almost anything.
And what he says about Israel is not factual, just rhetorics. Of course 
you endorse the present Israeli politics. Let me say that it differs 
widely from the politics of the Dalai Lama and that it is rather 
counterproductive. Rage and fear never bring peace.


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