[Buddha-l] Ethical Dilemmas

Dan Lusthaus vasubandhu at earthlink.net
Sun Jun 13 09:55:25 MDT 2010


> As for the Wilders speech, i realize it is also very popular and much 
> easier
> to demonize Wilders than to admit that there might be some grains (or 
> more)
> of legitimacy in his diagnosis.
>He demonizes himself, because he refuses to investigate his claims and
to consult sociologists about the causes of the problems he points to.
The solutions he proposes are impossible.

He doesn't demonize himself. He offers bad solutions to problems you still 
deny exist. That's why people are voting for him and not for you. You leave 
them no choice.

I didn't endorse him. I did say that *some* of what he says is true -- just 
enough to not be the raving lunatic. I agree he's cunning, and don't know 
whether, as you say, he is an opportunist or actually believes what he says 
(I suspect some of both). What I do endorse is clear-headedness, careful 
analysis instead of cartoon thinking and demonization, and respect for 
nuances. Richard has fooled you into thinking I am either right-wing, 
Republican, both or worse, by his constant snipes. Just so you know, and 
perhaps will try different cartoons next time, my father was a socialist 
leader in Vienna before the war, and a Democratic committeeman most of his 
life; my mother was actively against the war in Vietnam already during 
Kennedy's administration, before most Americans had even heard of Viet Nam. 
In high school, my in-class debate against the war was so effective, the 
teacher called in the principal who debate me himself -- and lost. I have 
never voted for a Republican. Nonetheless where the Left has gone in the 
last few decades disgusts me as much as where the Right goes, and bothers me 
more since I would expect them to know better.

>It is also true that Maroccan soldiers fought in WW II against Hitler

And Sadat collaborated with the Nazis; the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem met with 
Hitler in Berlin.

>and that Jews never had any problem in Marocco in the past.

Don't believe the myths. Read from pp. 86-98 (or as much as google books 
will allow).
(the second is polemical, but it does mention Buddhists).

> Picking the right examples you can suggest almost anything.

It's even better when you know the real story behind the propoganda!

>Rage and fear never bring peace.

You are talking about Hamas apparently.

Everyone who wants to blame Israel seems to have forgotten that the solution 
everyone pretends Israel would never agree to was already offered by them at 
Camp David, and it was not a fluke that the other side turned it down. That 
was not the "solution" they wanted. But keep ignoring the plain facts and 
swallowing the myths. Tell yourself I'm demonizing myself and it's the 
Israelis who infect the region with hatred.


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