[Buddha-l] Accuracy

Dan Lusthaus vasubandhu at earthlink.net
Tue Jun 15 12:15:31 MDT 2010

Richard wrote:

>I have no enthusiasm for Ahmadinejad as such.

Nice to hear that.

>> Nonetheless you continue to defend him for precisely the reason
>> I attributed to you, namely trash-talking the US.

>No, I do not defend Ahmadinejad for trash-talking the US. I am grateful 
>that he identified a few areas in US policy that should be criticized. I am 
>grateful to everyone who voices criticisms of bad policies wherever they 

Tomatoes, tomahtoes.

>> I would have expected you to be against nuclear proliferation, not for 
>> it.

>>Yes, I am completely against it. I am for total nuclear disarmament by 
>>every nation and sub-national group. And I find it hypocritical for the 
>>world's largest nuclear power to take efforts to prevent others from 
>>having weapons that it refuses to divest itself of. Like most people, I 
>>think it would be a complete disaster if Iran and North Korea developed a 
>>nuclear arsenal. But that does not alter the fact that I also think it is 
>>a complete disaster for the United States to have a nuclear arsenal (about 
>>half of which is located less than five miles from my house in 

Well, I'll resist using the disapproving word "stupid", and use the Buddhist 
word for disapproval: "extremist." I would add, dangerous and naive. North 
Korea is holding its own people and the world hostage, while they starve to 
death, impoverish their population and rattle their swords. Do you sleep 
better knowing that amidst all the current turmoil in Pakistan, there is a 
nuclear arsenal available as a prize? Of course not. You think unilateral 
disarmament by the US would improve that? That's one reason why the word 
"delusion" has been appearing on this list so much recently.

>>> I see no evidence that anyone on buddha-l admires anyone's hate speech
>> You don't recognize it as such, since you are too busy applauding.
>I see no evidence that anyone on buddha-l admires anyone's hate speech.

Yes, I understand that you don't see it. That was my point. Another reason 
why the word "delusion" has appeared in these messages.


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