[Buddha-l] Access to Archives: Housekeeping

Jim Peavler jmp at peavler.org
Tue Jun 15 13:13:03 MDT 2010

There have been some recent complaints about difficulty using the archives. No one gave an explicit reason for their troubles, but upon trying to access the archives myself, I found the first stump I plowed into was the password. If the password was your first problem here is the solution.

At the bottom of every page is this line:


Click on this line and you will get your membership management page.

At the bottom of this page you may (confusingly, in my opinion) to either "unsubscribe or edit options".

Click this button. At the bottom of this page you are allowed to ask the system to send you your password.

Type in the email address that buddha-l uses for you

Ignore the "password" button

Click on "Remind" button at bottom of page

You will receive your password by email. Use this password to access the archives.

If this ISN'T your problem with archives, please let me know.

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