[Buddha-l] Accuracy

R B Basham bshmr at aol.com
Tue Jun 15 12:55:28 MDT 2010

{Lusthaus}: Gee, how inaccurate of me!

{Hayes}: No one said or implied that you remembered inaccurately. The
point is that you remember partially. You remember what you can use to
denigrate another and forget the rest.

If I may summarize my experience:

The issue and dynamic seems to be not about 'right' but rather 'might',
more precisely compensatory domination. Being Canadian you are in a
class, with the alleged unblessed of world and the courts of alleged
damned tribes, which can never trump obvious, doubled particularism. 

One solution, not one that I would choose, is to join those fantasizing
themselves as being elite Exceptionals based on their caste, place,
rote, or purchase -- in this case, members of the imperial USA or the
mythical Zion. Personally, far too much delusion, greed, and fear in
that path -- constant contention, etc. -- definitely at odds with

Another that I would not choose, be Palestinian. dalit. or imported

A third, surround yourself with folks who 'have their sheit together' --
say 'meeting Quakers', JFP's, UUA's, CJME's, Doves, and the like. It is
not that their 'clans' feel elite merely that their members' behaviors
are more sustainable and evolved -- from a lay buddhist point of view
less suffering. 

Fourth, the ancient adage DNFTT and updated DNFTT+CP is hard, especially
for competent, sufficient persoms; plus, extinguishing ugly troll-ing or
re-training ugly trolls is damned near impossible because it takes
persistent, all encompassing discipline. But, one or two "nice
scholarship" when deserved, along with twenty "cut the baiting/crap,
asshole" when appropriate (personal emails) can shape behavior (even
mine <g>). 

Richard Basham

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